Had a really productive time at the National Portrait Gallery today

Or else it will flood the town!!!!!!

I’m too annoying to live

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Educating the Ignorant on the Majesty of Ursula, Sea Witch and Gay Icon


Growing up, I thought Disney’s The Little Mermaid was about Ursula. I thought the movie, though oddly focused on that emaciated red-headed hoarder*, was actually a film about a business-savvy octopus lady’s dream of political conquest, and the unfair regulations she was forced to overcome. **

*(This isn’t thin shaming so much as it is a response to Ariel’s most famous frame, in which she is…

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Did I really jst krash?



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Like okay parents please take a million years to pay for cardio classes while I just take a million selfies

Flirting 101: b urself

Michael Chase
Untitled, 2013

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ugh screw chibi moon but goooo girls otherwise

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I need $$
Not friends

wait but this is me vs. grindr

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